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AWE’s renowned Expo is back! On 10th and 11th October, technology integrators and industry professionals will have the opportunity to experience the latest upgrades to AWE’s show apartment, and to see the latest products and new brands from their industry leading portfolio.

Highlights include:

• Seminars & product/cinema demonstrations throughout the day:
 - 10:00 - Sony Master Series Launch
  Featuring the latest tech & hidden Android integration you need to know
  Presented by Nick Roos Sony's TV and Sound Training Specialist,
 - 12:00 - URC Total Control New Products & Overview
  What every Control 4 dealer needs to know about Total Control 2.0
  Presented by Mal Fisher AWE's Chief Technical Officer,
 - 13:00 - Free Hog Roast!
 - 14:00 - Sound United Essentials
  Featuring the launch of Classé and range updates on Definitive Technology, Denon, HEOS & Marantz

• A heavily upgraded THX cinema room, featuring:
 - New 13 channel configuration featuring Marantz AV-8805 processor
 - New to AWE, high-end Classé power amplification
 - New Kef CI-5160REF THX in-wall LCR speakers
 - New to AWE, Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 active subwoofers – 1500w of power
 - New premium 4k Blu-ray player from Panasonic

• URC Total Control 2.0 upgrades
 - New 10” in-wall touch panel & desktop remote
 - New higher end processors, so even the biggest sites can be handled
 - New fully upgraded integration with Heatmiser, HEOS, Sonos & more

• The very latest TVs launched this month at IFA
 - New Sony Master Series AF9 OLED & ZD9 LED TVs
 - New Samsung 8K QLED TV
 - New Samsung Frame 2.0 TV
 - New LG Signature Wallpaper OLED
 - New Panasonic Master HDR OLED

• Loudspeakers
 - New KEF R series loudspeakers
 - New to AWE, Definitive Technology BP Series, with in-built active subwoofers
 - New to AWE, KEF LS-50 wireless active bookshelf speakers

• The latest UK Exclusive Products:
 - New Marantz SR-5013 AV Receiver
 - Newly exclusive Denon HEOS Superlink & Drive
 - New to AWE, Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 active subwoofer – 1500w of class HD power!

• Hog Roast Lunch
 - Providing only the freshest and finest food, locally sourced, from the most renowned butchers
 - Pasta Salad option
 - Tchibo barista coffee and bakers cookies throughout the day

+ Demos, presentations, and lots more to be announced!

“We are repeatedly told that our AWE Expo is the best of any in the UK, and this Expo will be no different. It’s hard to express just how much has changed even since the expansion of the new areas just 12 months ago! With the very latest innovations and market-leading products on show, we’re looking forward to welcoming attendees this October” comments Stuart Tickle, AWE Managing Director.

“This event provides installers with the perfect platform to meet the manufacturers and see the newest audio-visual solutions available to them, as well as giving them the chance to experience a range of products first-hand.”

Manufacturer representatives for these leading brands will be present at the event and ready to explain the key features and benefits to visitors. Alongside the show apartment demos, AWE will be running in-depth product seminar sessions to allow attendees to dive further into the technical details of some of the key products.

To register for our Smart Home Expo CLICK HERE