A new build property located in the sprawling Surrey hills now benefits from state-of-the-art home technology supplied by the CI distributor, AWE and installed by Sussex-based integrator, Just Add Popcorn. By combining a complete AV installation with lighting and heating control, the classic property is now advanced and stylish.

The project is an oak frame building and the client wanted to incorporate the latest technology into their home to look after their audio visual needs as well as controlling the lighting and heating.

The client brief demanded the latest technology was required to provide entertainment, security and comfort. Involved from the construction phase of the property, Just Add Popcorn was able to install a wired infrastructure to provide a stable network. As well as providing ample connectivity, this also allows for future expansion of the network.

The AWE-supplied technology is impressively subtle within the property, designed to maximise entertainment without detracting attention from the home’s unique oak frame interior.

Stuart Burgess, Managing Director at Just Add Popcorn, comments: “We started the project by meeting the client at AWE’s Show Apartment in Epsom. Here, we talked through and were able to demonstrate some of the options available. This proved to be a fantastic starting point.”

After the meeting initial ideas for the project were drawn up to give the client an indication of the solutions possible and the benefits of including them in the project. Deciding on the final system proved straightforward, with the client having benefitted from experiencing the solutions at the AWE Show Apartment.

The backbone of the project is a URC Total Control system. Bringing together functionality and style, the system allows for multiple controllers to be condensed into one handheld controller. For convenience, further controllers are also situated in key rooms.

With the URC system as a base, two HEOS by Denon pre-amps were added to a URC DMS-1200 multiroom amplifier. This provides the client with easy access to their personal music library, as well as steaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Internet Radio throughout the house. Audio from the Televisions is also introduced into the DMS to greatly improve the sound in the rooms containing TVs.

For the times when the client is at home relaxing, a subtle yet powerful surround sound set up was required. In the main living area, a 55” Samsung UHD TV screen was installed behind a specially made mirrored screen. This allows the UHD TV to completely disappear from view when not in use. Continuing the discreet theme to the property, five KEF Ci160QR in-ceiling speakers and a floor standing KEF T2 Subwoofer were installed to achieve a complete 5.1 surround sound system. The switching of the sources and the amplification supplied to the speakers is controlled via a Marantz AV receiver.

A Philips Dynalite system provides effortless control over the lighting. The stylish Antumbra displays perfectly suits the sleek interior around the home, and all of the keypads are programmed to control any circuit of lights throughout the property. This allows the client to implement creative lighting scenes and simulated occupancy.

The Antumbra on-wall displays feature an in-built temperature sensor, providing simple integration with the under floor heating system throughout the property. By utilising the same displays for the lighting and heating system, the controls in each room are kept to a minimum, avoiding the dreaded wall acne.

Both the lighting and heating solutions are integrated in the URC system, which allows the homeowner to control these functions via the URC controllers. As the client wanted to be able to control the home from abroad, the system was set up to work with the URC Mobile app.

The end result is a truly connected home that combines technological benefits and a subtle design.
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Kit List:
AWE Equipment used in this project:

URC Total Control:
MRX–10 system processor
2 x TRC-1080 Wi-Fi remote controls
3 x MRX–4IR network IR extenders
1 x DMS–1200 streaming multi-room amplifier
1 x MFS–8 network switch

HEOS by Denon:
2 x HEOS Link

17 x KEF Ci160QR
2 x KEF Ci160CRds
1 x KEF T2 Subwoofer

11 x Antumbra Display
5 x Antumbra Non-Display
4 x Multi-Purpose Controllers
2 x Relay Controllers

55” Samsung UHD TVs