AWE showcases the performance and power of high quality home audio in its new Music Room, featuring the KEF BLADE TWO speakers, now available for installers and their clients to experience gloriously live at the AWE Show Apartment in Epsom.

“Demonstrating the audio experience in a lifelike environment can make all the difference for installers and their customers,” says Stuart Tickle, MD of AWE. “That’s why we’ve invested in a dedicated, two-channel Music Room, featuring the KEF Blade TWO speakers and reference amplification. The results in a real life listening space are astonishing – we urge installers to experience this performance for themselves and, at their convenience, bring their customers along to enjoy it too.”

With an iconic visual design and acoustic prowess, the KEF BLADE TWO speakers are a serious option for high end residential projects. Delivering distortion-free low frequency response, four powerful 6.5” bass drivers are integrated into these KEF speakers. They are side firing which enables the acoustic centre to coincide with those of the all new, latest generation and highly acclaimed Uni-Q midrange driver and tweeter.

Utilising advanced materials and innovative technologies in construction, the KEF BLADE TWO speakers feature KEF’s unique Single Apparent Source technology to produce the highest quality sound reproduction. The result means that the entire frequency range is radiated from one point in space. The Music Room also features Q-Motion wireless shading, and is part of a major upgrade to AWE’s Show Apartment, which now enables AWE to demonstrate a range of immersive, multi-room and 2-channel audio systems at a wide variety of price points.

To visit our Music Room & Show Apartment, CLICK HERE