AWE has announced a breakthrough in home control platforms with the launch of Total Control 2.0 from URC.

“Total Control 2.0 is a dramatic step forward in controls, the biggest and most substantial platform upgrade since its launch,” says Mal Fisher, Chief Technical Officer at AWE. “It brings much greater flexibility, a more attractive aesthetic and faster, higher performance operation to create a significantly better user experience. Combined with its series of recent hardware innovations, this comprehensive software update puts URC streets ahead of the controls competition.“

Featuring a full graphical update, a new user interface and advanced logic, Total Control 2.0 enables installers to put homeowners in charge of their home with a seamless, intuitive and versatile solution.

With Total Control 2.0, installers can personalise their URC system using a fully customisable colour scheme. They can also add attractive images to help define and flavour room, scene and background settings. Either single devices or scenes can take preference on the interface to meet the individual needs of homeowners. Up to 100 scenes can be pre-programmed for immediate access to a specific command.

Total Control 2.0 also boasts much faster speeds for both installers and end users, with downloading to the system, loading new programming and response time all vastly improved. Installers can also make adjustments and edits much more quickly and simply, and pollinate across different control devices in the house with ease.

Alongside the release, the extensive range of design-led URC controllers is now also available, via AWE. One of the major attractions in this series is the unique 7-inch TDC-7100 desktop controller which provides elegant, responsive control over the system. The TDC-7100 affords added security and room-to-room connection benefits and also features a camera and speaker to work alongside the intercom system.

As well as substantial end user benefits, URC is directly increasing the opportunities for installers with Accelerator 2.0, its new software development platform. Featuring advanced logic, very specific and complex statements can be programmed. By incorporating “if”, “and”, “then” and “or” commands, the system becomes more in tune with the life of the homeowner. In-built scheduling for commands on a specific time or date increases the level of autonomous directives completed by the system, again demonstrating the sophistication of the system.

Stuart Tickle, Managing Director of AWE adds, “The team at URC have done a great job – I love it and am sure installers and consumers will too! Total Control 2.0 is the single, most substantial update to any product range I can recall.”

Following its official unveiling at CEDIA 2017 (San Diego, 6-9 September 2017), Total Control 2.0 will be available via a portal to all URC dealers from AWE. As well as access to the latest releases and URC hardware, AWE also provides awards-winning training at its Smart Home Academy centre. A URC Total Control specific course is available, with attendees learning the benefits of the Accelerator software and the intricacies of the Total Control system alongside AV devices and third party systems.

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