Kinetik KLIB-VM1 Vari-Mount Equipment Bracket

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The KLIB-VM01 vari-mount bracket is designed for mounting equipment behind TV's onto flat surfaces. The bracket can be fitted to any flat surface and can hold a range of products such as Satellite boxes and games consoles. It also includes a powered IR repeater, for discreet control of mounted products.

Box Contents: 4x bracket plates
2x end strips
1x IR repeater
1x UK plug USB port
8 x velcro strap holder
4 x product support
4 x short product support
2 x velcro strap
Included Accessories: 4x cable ties
4x M8/15 bolts
4x M8/10 bolts
4x M6/10 bolts
4x M5/10 bolts
4x M4/10 bolts 1x allen key
1 x instruction sheet
Bracket Plate Dimensions: 249 x 161 x 8.5mm
Max Dimensions (H x W x D): 613 x 161 x 8.5mm


  • Can be fitted to any flat surface
  • Holds upto a range of products
  • Powered IR repeater included