Syncbox SBMEDIA, Media, No Fittings

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Sync Box SBMEDIA, Media, No Fittings

Syncbox Media contains no additional modules so is consequently ideal for homeowners who want to completely customise a Syncbox to their own wiring specification to create a recessed media plate. This can act as a perfect enhanced and improved version of a traditional media plate. 8 keystone modules can be fitted within an area 50% smaller than the traditional media plate size.

Traditionally, products such as telephone and TV coaxial sockets etc. have all been supplied built into a standard size wall plate. The environment in today’s office and home however requires a number of services to be provided to a specific work station or convenient access point. The most flexible and efficient means of doing this is the use of modules on a multiple aperture plate.

The Syncbox range encompasses a wide range of media and power modules, providing the designer and installer a host of solutions for all manner of media cabling problems.

Unit consists of:

Syncbox, Cover Plate, Installation Box, Fixings, Plaster Protector,


  • Small, Thin & Good Looking
  • Protect & Conceal
  • Super Slim Installations