URC MXW-920i 1-way water resistant Wand Remote Control, IR/RF

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MXW920i Waterproof Remote Control, IR/RF One-way style splashproof remote control, Monochrome LCD display text

The waterproof MXW-920 remote control has the ability to operate equipment that is not in direct line-of-sight. It does this via RF communication to a URC base station – such as the MRF-260 or MRF-350. Although it’s not intended for underwater use, its durable design enables it to withstand liquid and moisture. This makes it the perfect poolside companion, as well as the ideal choice for a kitchen or bath controller.

It can control up to 40 devices and can be set up for one-touch automation. This means you can press one single button to listen to music by the pool, and any of your guests can effortlessly change stations or volume levels while poolside, all without having to ask a bunch of questions related to operation of your setup. This is made possible by your custom installation professional who can automate and simplify even the most complex of set ups while configuring the MXW-920 to suit your taste.

The MXW-920 uses 4 AAA batteries which are encased in an airtight silicon-lined battery compartment by four screws. Designed for durability, yet keeping comfort and ease of use in mind, the MXW-920 is floating to a dealer near you!

Display: Monochrome LCD display text
Capabilities: Can control up to 40 devices
PC programmable: Using CCP software
Water resistance rating: JLS Class 4, IP class 54
RF Range: 50 to 100 feet depending on environment (dependent on environment)
RF Frequency: 433MHz
Batteries: 4 x AAA batteries
Dimensions: 8.9" H x 2.3" W x 1.1"D
Weight: 5.68 Ounces (without batteries)


  • Splash proof
  • Monochrome LCD display text
  • IR/RF One-way style splashproof remote control