AWE Packages IE-PACK1-CIXT1 Install Essential Tilting Solution

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AWE Packages IE-PACK1-CIXT1 Install Essential Tilting Solution

Sanus Black CIXT1B1 Tilting 1100 x 800 Weight Capacity 114 Kg

New ProSet Plus™ post install height and level adjustments allow for up to one full inch of height and level adjustment. The open wall plate design allows mounting directly over most wall boxes and electrical outlets, Virtual Axis™ Fingertip tilt allows for easy TV adjustments and quick access to cables. The CIXT1 comes with extender brackets that easily attach to accommodate large hole patterns. Brackets are also compatible with CILT1 and CILL1. Its sigh quality Quick-Release tabs instantly unlock the TV from the wall plate and adjust to line up with the bottom of the TV. Optional padlock prevents Quick-Release tabs from releasing

Sync Box SBPOWER, Power, Fitted with 2 x 13 Amp Angled Power Sockets

Syncbox Power provides two 13 amp angled power sockets alongside each other creating a recessed double socket.

Please be aware due the nature of some plug tops, a replacement moulded plug lead or rewardable plug top may have to be used. This only applies if using two power modules